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Rank is a fast-paced shedding card game, which means you try to get rid of all your cards before the other players and obtain the highest rank. In Rank, players utilize numbered cards, special cards, and strategy to out think their opponents and play all their cards first.


The most important thing to remember is to not get stuck with only low cards towards the end, or you’re going to lose! The first player to get rid of all their cards becomes the King. Each time a player becomes/stays the King, they receive 2 Royal tokens. If you end the hand as the Queen, you receive 1 Royal token. Get 5 Royal tokens and you are the winner!

Each round is started by the King. The King will start by playing a card or multiples of the same card of any value and play continues clockwise. Players then play the same number of cards as the first player, but the value must increase as play moves around the table (Example, if player 1 played three #2 cards, the next player must play three #3 or higher cards to stay in the round.)

As play continues around the circle, players are not obligated to play cards if they think they can strategically play them later, but remember, you want to be the first to have no cards. When no players are willing or able to play any more cards, the player who played the highest card/cards is the winner of that round, and now gets to initiate a new round with a new quantity of cards and new values.


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