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Party Game | 3-6 Players | Ages 8+ | 20-30 Minutes

OutlanDish is a hilariously creative party game for up to 6 players. Each player takes on the role of an up-and-coming chef in their own restaurant who is competing in a one-of-a-kind cooking competition. 

Inspired by a Scenario and Star Ingredient, chosen by the Head Chef, players, including the Head Chef, secretly craft their own unique dish using a random assortment of ingredients and compete for culinary supremacy!

With over 350 scenarios and ingredients, OutlanDish is filled to the brim with endless fun to be had again and again! 


OutlanDish is a delicious party game from Blue Wasatch Games where players cook up a storm and compete for culinary glory! The Head Chef chooses a scenario like "Grandma's weird favorite" and a star ingredient like "Pizza". Everybody assembles a dish with their own ingredients that they think will tantalize the palate or tickle a funny bone! The Head Chef mixes up the dishes, reads them out loud, and then everyone simultaneously places their order on the menu of the dish they want to order.

It's a bite-sized competition that will make you laugh out loud, and possibly never think of Ice Cream the same way ever again.

1 - Scenario & Star Ingredient

The Head Chef for the round will flip over the top scenario card and choose one of the 4 scenarios.

Now, the Head Chef gets to either draw a random ingredient, or choose one from their hand as the star ingredient for the round.

2 - Make Your Dish

Using the scenario and star ingredient as a guide, all players ,including the Head Chef, create a dish using their ingredients and star ingredient cards.

Use your Star Ingredient card to represent the Star Ingredient in your dish, so in this case it would represent "Salad."

3 - Reveal and Order

The Head Chef will gather all the menus and then read out load all the submitted dishes.

Once all dishes are revealed and the menus open on the table, the Head Chef will count to 3 and each player will place their order token on their favorite dish!