Announcing Plate It Up: A Party Game of Culinary Creativity

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SALT LAKE CITY — June 11, 2024 —Blue Wasatch Games announced the upcoming release of Plate It Up on July 1st, 2024. Plate It Up is a whimsical cooking competition where players craft the perfect dish to earn laughs, orders, and be crowned top chef.

In Plate It Up, players use ingredient cards to create dishes based on player selected scenario, such as " She was a 10 until she ordered" or "While driving stick, I once saw my dad eating." Each player tries to craft the perfect dish to earn the most orders each round wins.

“Our mission with Plate It Up is to create an experience that connects people from all walks of life,” said Justin Martin, Owner of Blue Wasatch Games. “Whether you’re crafting a hilarious dish to tickle your 8-year-old’s funny bone, or making a culinary masterpiece you’d love to try, Plate It Up provides a place for everyone's creativity to shine. Every round is unique, not only because of your ingredients, but because of the people you play with. We hope Plate It Up helps anyone that plays to have fun, laugh together, and create memories that last.”

Plate It Up Key Features:

  • Quick Bites: Featuring fast-paced 5-minute rounds and simple rules, ensuring an enjoyable and straightforward experience for players of all ages.
  • Everybody Plays: In Plate It Up, unlike other party games, every player actively submits dishes each round and participates in voting, ensuring a dynamic and inclusive experience for all players.
  • Immersive by Design: Plate It Up completely immerses each player with unique punny restaurants, matching order tokens, and easy insert menus for crafting and displaying dishes.
  • Endless Imagination: Whether you're in the mood for light-hearted fun or a strategic culinary showdown, Plate It Up includes over 350 ingredients and scenarios, meaning every game offers a new recipe for laughter and creativity.

Hungry for a sneak peek? Assets for Plate It Up are available here.

Plate It Up is published by Blue Wasatch Games and designed by Joseph Rhea

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