Top 5 Games for Families that Parents Won’t Hate

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Summer is just around the corner, and nothing can be more fun than spending your holidays playing games with your family. The crazier, energetic, and fast the game, the more fun you will have. This great love for games and fun family time inspired me to develop new games that are fun to play and bring something new to the scene. That’s why I compiled a great list of games that are quick, fast-paced, and competitive at the same time. This list is geared towards players at least 8 years old.

  • Super Mega Lucky Box by Gamewright - Bingo with Style
  • One of the best surprises to come out last year is this gem of a bingo-like game. Your goal is simple: fill up a 3 x 3 box with numbers that are drawn. Sounds simple, right? You’d be correct, but the tension comes with wanting to fill up a box, yet the number you need refuses to come out. This simple and addicting game will have both kids and adults screaming in excitement when they get that “Super Mega Lucky Box”. A must try for families.

  • Codenames by CGE Games – Unleash the Mystery
  • All you need to know about this is that one of you is the assassin and others have to guess who is the assassin within due time. The mystery, the tension, and the fun that ensues when you mislead others make it one of the most entertaining of many board games. Best of the board games genre for a quicky if you love murder mysteries.

  • King of Tokyo by IELLO – Be the Godzilla
  • Finally, a game in which you can be the big baddy in from the tabletop gaming genre. Players play as monsters, gigantic robots, or mutants trying to destroy each other and conquer Tokyo. Each player has objectives and rolls dice to fight each other to win victory points. The one who has the most victory points needs to fight all others to stay the king of Tokyo.

  • Qwixx by Gamewright – Dicing with the Young Ones
  • One of the best dice games if you want to play with kids who love to score and keep a record of who’s winning. The game has color-coded dice in which, depending on the color, you mark the score on the sheet. The one who finishes the highest score count in a particular color wins the game. It helps your kids learn counting and addition skills to improve. 

  • SuperFight by Skybound Entertainment – Best Argument Wins
  • You will love this fantastic addition to the card games genre by Skybound Entertainment if you and your kids love arguing. The premise is simple, each player is dealt 3 white cards and  3 black cards. White represents a character, while black will give attributes that make for many silly combinations. For example, you can be a zombie with a beard full of bees or a mom who can conjure fireballs. When everyone has been dealt cards, each takes a turn to defend their character. After that, players score on who argued the best. The character that wins goes into the hall of fame. Great game for kids to learn reasoning skills and argumentative power.

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